This week, VCS Denmark welcomes Suly Meilani Hidayati from Indonesia and Susan Nyangwa Mapindani from Zimbabwe on a 1 week Water Management Internship at the companies headquarters in Odense, Denmark.

Hidayati and Mapindani are visiting VCS Denmark as part of a 2-week study visit under the Women’s Water Intiative.
The 2014 Initiative, which is co-sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is open to women from developing countries who work in middle management in the water sector. 

Hidayati is Head of Investment Analysis with the Directorate of Water Supply Development in Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works, while Mapindani is Principal Water Supplies Engineer with the Ministry of Water Resources, Development and Management in Zimbabwe.
The Women’s Water Initiative, formerly known as Women’s Water Fund, was established by the Danish

based consultancy company DHI in 2006. The purpose of the Initiative is to support women from developing countries in advancing their career opportunities within water management, hereby addressing the underrepresentation of women in the water management decision-making process.

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