Audience at the Danish Pavillion at World Water Forum_April 2015 in Korea

Start using the technologies already at hand. That was the primary statement put forward when VCS Denmark visited the major internal conference World Water Forum 2015 in Korea in April.

World Water Forum takes place every three years and deals with global water challenges. Participating in the conference are politicians and representatives from knowledge institutions, public and private sector. The conference deals with a wide range of issues, among these “Science & Technology Process” where VCS Denmark was invited to give a presentation as well as sitting on two boards of experts.

Project Manager Per Henrik Nielsen represented VCS Denmark and gave a presentation with the title: “Cutting Edge Energy Optimization Strategy for Nutrient Removal”. The presentation aimed at giving inspiration as of how it is possible to achieve cleaning wastewater and at the same time harvest the byproducts of the process – e.g. phosphor, that is a limited resource, and carbon that can be converted into energy. By focusing not only on cleaning the water to a high standard, VCS Denmark has managed to achieve a situation where the process of getting there is energy neutral – and as such, VCS Denmark can set an example to follow for other water companies.

Alongside the debates, Per Henrik Nielsen also contributed to talks in the Danish Pavilion where “The State of Green” – Denmark – was presented by companies and knowledge institutions. Here as well as on the conference program, the primary message from VCS Denmark was for other companies around the world to start using the technologies for energy optimization – because it is possible.

For further information, please contact: Senior Project Manager Per Henrik Nielsen, email

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