On Sept. 27, an award ceremony will be held in connection to the WEFTEC water quality event where VCS Denmark is participating. At this ceremony, VCS Denmark and other utilities will be recognized for exceptional progress and performance in the treatment of wastewater – each being labeled as a “Utility of the Future Today”.

Since 2010, VCS Denmark has worked determinedly to reduce C02 emissions and become energy-neutral. In 2015, the company´s largest wastewater facility treatment plant, Ejby Mølle, produced more than 150 % of the energy needed for its own purposes. This is part of the reason behind the recognition, but the company’s culture is also an important aspect. VCS Denmark is a company where being innovative is promoted at all levels of the organization – thereby supporting the creation of continuous improvement.

Among other facilities to receive the recognition is Alexandria Renew from Virginia, U.S. who has been working closely with VCS Denmark for several years, particularly in order to benefit from each other´s experience with energy optimization.

Read more about the recognition and who received it at WEFTEC 2016.

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