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Groundwater in Dhaka

One of our international projects was located in Dhaka, where we participated in a project in 2015-2016.

Dhaka is a metropolis with more than 15 million citizens. The water supply in the city is operated by DWASA and used to be entirely based on groundwater.

Today, however, water resources also include surface water. Still, about 740 wells provide around 85 % of the water. The abstraction of groundwater poses problems with resource depletion – every year the water table has dropped 2-3 meters.

In the future, groundwater will only contribute with about 30 % of the supply, as additional surface water plants are established, and groundwater will be abstracted from approximately 500 wells in a fully automated manner.

VCS Denmark and SWECO conducted an intensive study of the existing abstraction wells, and made recommendations for instrumentation, operation and training of staff. We provided our project partners with knowledge and know-how from operating our own wellfields, and offered input for the most cost efficient mode of operation, e.g. in relation to material lifetime and energy