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Training programmes

VCS Denmark offers training conducted by experienced operators and specialists

VCS Denmark offers a wide range of training programmes within water and wastewater management – tailored to the specific interests of each individual client.

As a company, we have had more than 160 years of operational existence, which means that we possess comprehensive practical experience in relation to water and wastewater management. We work with both research institutions and consultancy companies in Denmark and abroad and continually seek new knowledge to improve our operations. We believe that our practical experience provides our customers with access to highly serviceable insight and know-how. We turn our experience into an asset for our customers.

Different methods

Over the years, we have held training programmes for many international clients. We provide content for professional discussion and offer workshops, theoretical theme-based programmes, seminars and lectures, as well as hands-on practical programmes for operating staff. We conduct training programmes at our customers’ facilities, and we also offer workshops and company visits for the purpose of introducing methods, technologies and processes at our own operating facilities in Denmark.

We are ready to accommodate customer wishes as regards the venue for a given programme. 

Practical know-how presented by operators

Our programme instructors include both our technical experts and operators. This means that you get hands-on experience, e.g. from solving practical challenges in relation to wells, pipes and facility optimization.

Through our international outreach activities we harvest experience from all over the world, and knowledge sharing is an integral part of our company culture.

In addition to learning from the experiences of others, we focus on continued updating and upgrading of our employees’ knowledge and skills. This is one more reason that we are good at finding the solutions that you need to meet your water and wastewater challenges.