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Advanced wastewater treatment - tour

Visits will be conducted at Ejby Mølle or Søndersø WWTP. Here visitors can explore a state-of-the-art water resource recovery facility with very high standards for wastewater treatment.

Our treatment plants produce more energy than they consume, and the surplus green energy (biogas) is used to generate power that is utilised in the public power grid.

Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology is applied to reduce energy consumption and increase treatment efficiency. We work towards neutrality in Greenhouse Gas Emission through process optimisation and we are piloting a carbon capture project.

Søndersø WWTP operates one of Denmark’s first pyrolysis facilities. Digested sludge is used to produce biogas, after which the sludge undergoes pyrolysis. Pyrolysis produces heat and biochar that are resources that can be recovered. Biochar is a much cleaner product than biosolids, e.g. as a fertiliser.