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Values and vision

At VCS Denmark we practice sustainability. We are very much aware of how our activities impact the natural water cycle, and we apply a holistic approach in all our processes – from water catchment to water supply, and wastewater removal to wastewater treatment.

Our vision

We make a positive impact in the world – and we inspire and support others in following the same path.

Our five visionary goals

We have developed five visionary goals that support the realisation of our vision. The visionary goals address our five main sustainability challenges. The efforts that we apply to reach our visionary goals will make a positive impact in the world, and our results and methods will serve as inspiration for others to embark on similar journeys.     

  • Potable water based on clean groundwater in 2050

  • Climate neutral in 2050

  • Future-fit, flexible and sustainable infrastructure in 2050

  • The world's most resource-efficient water utility in 2030

  • Satisfactory ecological status in waterbodies in 2027

The visionary goals supports five UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have chosen to support actively. These are SDGs 6, 7, 9, 12 and 14.

Our values

These are the values that guide us in our daily work:

We take care of each other – and the world around us. ​
When we spot a problem, we act on it. ​
We are open and honest.

Innovative thinking
We are curious, and inquisitive – always thinking: ”…would it be possible to….”? ​
We dare to risk making mistakes – and we learn from them. ​
We lead the way and explore new pathways.

We set high standards for ourselves – and live up to them. ​
We are masters of our trade – and proud of it. ​
We collaborate and share knowledge.

We know that positive energy is contagious. ​
We meet each other with a smile. ​
We cultivate a strong sense of community.