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Values and vision

At VCS Denmark we practice sustainability. We are very much aware of how our activities impact the natural water cycle, and we apply a holistic approach in all our processes – from water catchment to water supply, and wastewater removal to wastewater treatment.

Our vision for the future is clear

We make a positive impact in the world ​
– and we inspire and support others in following the same path

We strive to follow our 4 company values in everything we do:


We take care of each other – and the world around us. ​
When we spot a problem, we act on it. ​
We are open and honest.

Innovative thinking

We are curious, and inquisitive – always thinking: ”…would it be possible to….”? ​
We dare to risk making mistakes – and we learn from them. ​
We lead the way and explore new pathways.


We set high standards for ourselves – and live up to them. ​
We are masters of our trade – and proud of it. ​
We collaborate and share knowledge.


We know that positive energy is contagious. ​
We meet each other with a smile. ​
We cultivate a strong sense of community.