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Facts and figures

A few facts about VCS Denmark – and some key figures.

  • Danish water and wastewater company
  • Headquarters in Odense, the third largest city in Denmark
  • Established in 1853 as the first modern waterworks in Denmark
  • Independent limited company, owned by Odense Municipality and the municipality of Northfunen
  • We operate 5 waterworks and 8 wastewater treatment plants
  • We operate 3700 km of water and wastewater pipeline network
  • Our main wastewater treatment plant, Ejby Mølle, is a net producer of energy - producing more than twice as much energy, as the plant itself consumes.
  • Since 2019 our company is self-sufficient with energy. The energy we produce covers the treatment process, as well as all the energy, VCS Denmark use in our drinking water production, our administration, and on transportation. We even have a surplus – making us energy positive.
  • We are represented on the Research Advisory Council under the American The Water Research Foundation (WRF)