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Facts and figures

A few facts about VCS Denmark – and some key figures.

  • Danish water and wastewater company
  • Headquarters in Odense, the third largest city in Denmark
  • Established in 1853 as the first modern waterworks in Denmark
  • Independent limited company, owned by Odense Municipality and the municipality of Northfunen
  • We operate 5 waterworks and 8 wastewater treatment plants
  • We operate 3700 km of water and wastewater pipeline network
  • Our main wastewater treatment plant, Ejby Mølle, is a net producer of energy - producing 188% of the energy that it consumes (2019)
  • At company level we have reached energy neutrality (2019)
  • We are represented on the Research Advisory Council under the American The Water Research Foundation (WRF)
  • We participate in The International Water Association (IWA) and collaborate in to the hosting of the World Water Congress and Exhibition 2021 in Copenhagen.