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Passing on best practice

As a subcontractor to a large improvement project, VCS Denmark has conducted training programmes for employees at Kafubu Water and Sewage in Zambia. Main focus: How to operate new facilities and utilise new equipment.

From 2016 to 2018, VCS Denmark worked as a  subcontractor on the Kafubu Sustainable Water and anitation Improvement Project. The project improved local water and wastewater management by renovating and building new facilities, as well as introducing new equipment and software.

Employees at VCS Denmark instructed and taught local employees in the operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment, SCADA and various other efficiency-enhancing technologies and processes.

VCS Denmark was the planner and primary contributor of training programmes, but other Danish water companies also conducted a number of the courses. The objective of the teaching was to pass on best practice – thereby supporting safe and efficient implementation of new  routines. In total, 400 training days were planned and
carried out at the local water company in Zambia.

Practice and theory

The staff from VCS Denmark conducted both practical training and theoretical teaching. The main focus was on successfully managing the water facilities and wastewater facilities after the significant technological boost  generated by the project. The introduction of two new sewer vacuum units also required on-site training.

There were also employees who provided training at the laboratory. Themes included quality assurance, health, safety and handling of chemicals. VCS Denmark also contributed with knowledge about improving the methods for analyzing wastewater.

Other areas of teaching included: Registering, digging of trenches, fitting of water pipes, selecting materials and taking care of the working environment. All teaching was adapted to the local conditions and equipment available.